Guide to Burying St Joseph to Sell Your House

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Selling a house is no easy feat and often includes numerous arduous tasks such as making repairs, staging, and showing the home. Additionally, sellers must be prepared to wait for competitive offers. 

The entire process can be pretty tiring. Because so many people go through this same experience, a tradition has developed to help sell homes faster: burying a St Joseph statue in the yard.

When sellers ask for guidance to sell their homes, it’s not unusual for them to seek divine intervention. After all, selling a house seems like it could be left up to chance. If you want to increase the likelihood of success, some people instead ask for help from a celestial power.

While some aspects of selling your home are out of your control, many things are still in your realm, and there are plenty of resources to guide you. If you’re interested in trying an old tradition to help sell your home, read on for everything you need to know about burying a statue of St. Joseph.

Two elderly homeowners shake hands with their buyer after burying a statue of St. Joseph to sell their house

How to Sell Your House Fast by Burying a St. Joseph Statue

Many sellers who believe in the powers of Saint Joseph on real estate have buried tiny statues of him upside down near their For Sale sign in yards for years. The practice is supposed to bring good luck to homeowners.

Even though it is unclear who started this practice, burying the figure on the property was to encourage the saint to assist in the home sale.

Over time, he has become the unofficial saint of Realtors and real estate agents.

History of Burying Saint Joseph

Many people recognize St. Joseph as a figure in Christmas nativity scenes. He is shown as a silent protector over Mary and the newborn Jesus.

St. Joseph is not only the patron saint of carpenters and families but also working people. He came to be known as the patron saint of home sellers because he had to uproot his family multiple times throughout his lifetime. 

Many people choose to bury statues of St. Joseph as part of a selling practice in hopes that the sale will go more smoothly.

According to the Bible, St. Joseph is the foster father of Jesus Christ and was tasked with raising him according to God’s will. He gave up his home to protect his family but remained willing and able to make a new home wherever they went. Because of this, believers often pray to St. Joseph when they are seeking to either buy or sell a new house.

The tradition of burying a statue of St. Joseph upside down in the ground to help your home sell faster started with a nun named St. Teresa of Avila in the 1500s. According to the Catholic Church, she had trouble finding land to build her new convent. She told her nuns to pray to St. Joseph and bury blessed medals of him as part of their petition for assistance. 

Shortly after, they discovered land perfect for their new convent. Once the news spread, people began burying medals, hoping their property might be found and chosen. Some bought statues to bury on their land to make it more likely to appeal to the sisters.

It isn’t easy to ascertain how many people do this. However, the phenomenon became popular in the 1990s, and there is still a high demand for statues from sellers. These days, most people purchase them from online retailers.

Some Catholics believe that the tradition of statue burial is a legitimate expression of their faith. In contrast, others think it is nothing more than a superstition, and still, others will do whatever it takes to attract homebuyers.

St. Joseph Statue for Selling House

The tradition of burying a St Joseph statue in your yard when selling your home dates back to the 1500s. St. Joseph is believed to be an intercessor for buyers looking for a new home. Many people have found success with this tradition.

Almost anyone who has used a St Joseph statue kit to sell their home will tell you that it’s an incredible experience, with primarily positive reviews.

According to 1,800+ five-star reviews on Amazon, buyers are attracted to properties that have buried these kits. In some cases, there were multiple offers on the same property! Considering you can purchase these kits starting at $7 with free shipping (if you have Prime), it’s a good deal.

The statue should be made of plaster or other materials meant to last outdoors and three to four inches tall. 

Close up of a white and blue "For Sale" sign with a St. Joseph statue buried next to it.

How to Bury the Saint Joseph Statue

Although there is no set way to go about a burial for those who don’t practice an official religion, it doesn’t have to be difficult, according to online sources.

Buy a statue and prepare it for burial

A small statue is a better purchase because you don’t want to dig a large hole in your yard when it comes time to sell it. If potential buyers see the disturbed ground, they may think it’s unattractive or suspicious. Either way, having to explain the big hole would be quite awkward.

You can find a statue of Saint Joseph at any religious supply store or online retailer, which sometimes even comes with a burial kit. Handle the statue carefully by wrapping it in a towel or plastic bag. Then, please choose an appropriate spot in your yard to bury it.

Bury St. Joseph

According to tradition, here are some popular places or positions:

  • Bury him right side up next to the “for sale” sign.
  • Bury him near the road with the statue facing away from the house to symbolize leaving.
  • Bury the statue upside down suggests that he’ll free himself by getting the house sold.
  • Pick a spot three feet away from the back of your home or close to a flower bed.
  • Consider burying the statue in a flower pot if you’re trying to sell a condo.

Prayer Time

If your kit came with a prayer card, awesome! If not, don’t worry. You can look up prayers online that invoke the saint’s intercession.

You can repeat this daily until your house sells or recite a nine-day novena (a set of different prayers recited over nine days). Home seller kits with prayers to St. Joseph have sprung up recently. Not all prayers follow the Catholic tradition, but if you find yourself drawn to one – go for it!

Disinter the statue

Please remember to take the statue with you when you move; it is considered disrespectful to leave it behind. 

According to legend, if you do not take the statue with you, the market will catch your old home in a loop of endlessly being sold and purchased. You can also pray thanks and take the statue to your new residence.

According to experts, the best course is to retrieve the statue once you sell your house. However, when exactly this should happen is open for debate.

Alternative to Burying St. Joseph

If you’re religious or wish to avoid offending someone’s religious beliefs, consider leaving the statue unburied in your home. You could put it by the front door to show that you’ll be going soon or on a windowsill with a view of the “for sale” sign outside.

Two elderly homeowners ready online about what to do next after burying a statue of St. Joseph to sell their house.

What To Do After the Statue is Buried

According to many believers, correctly reciting a daily prayer to Saint Joseph while having faith is the key to unlocking successful property sales. There are no specific instructions or protocols because it’s believed that Saint Joseph will know when someone needs his help.

Although there is some debate about the efficacy of buried St. Joseph statues in helping houses sell more quickly, the tradition is easy to follow.

Though the details may vary, most believe that to ensure St. Joseph’s help in selling your home, you should bury him near the road and pray to him daily. 

Though some may question whether or not this works, more and more people are trying it as time goes on. And even if it doesn’t work, what harm could come from doing it? But remember that there are other things you can do to sell your house too!


The St. Joseph statue burying tradition is a Catholic practice used for centuries to help people sell their homes. While the scientific evidence of its effectiveness is inconclusive, it remains a popular method today. If you’re looking to expedite the sale of your home, St. Joseph could be worth a try!

Be sure to follow the St. Joseph statue burying protocol correctly, pray daily, and take the statue with you when you go! And remember that there are other traditional methods of selling your house, like enhancing your home’s curb appeal.

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