How We Buy Houses For Cash Works

We Buy Houses For Cash makes selling your house as-is easy and stress-free so you have peace of mind every step of the way. There are no repairs, cleaning, or multiple showings. Get a fair off-market cash offer and close on your timeline.


Get started by filling out the form and telling us a little about your property. Don’t worry, there is no obligation to sell to us.

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Speak with a friendly member of our team or investor network about the property you want to sell.

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Receive a cash offer on your home. Once you accept the offer, schedule a quick home inspection. Don't worry, you don't have to make any repairs.

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Choose your closing date and sell your house.

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Move to your new property and leave the repairs, cleaning, and headaches to us.

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How Is The Cash Offer Calculated?

Since each investor is different, the offer process may vary, but most investors follow the following formula.

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The After Repair Value “ARV” Of The Property

This is the value of the property once it has been renovated. This is based on local comparable sales that have sold fully renovated.

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Renovation Cost (Cost of Repairs That Will Be Made)

When improving a property’s value, investors need to make repairs and bring the property up to date. This can include tile, flooring, paint, appliances, cabinets, countertops, fixtures, landscaping, and other items to make a property like new.

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Selling Costs

When an investor goes to sell the property after they have renovated it, there will be costs associated with the sale. Although you do not pay any commissions or fees when you sell, when an investor goes to resell the property, they will have to pay those as well as taxes, holding costs, insurance, HOA fees, etc. These costs are added in as selling costs.

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Minimum Profit

We understand making a profit is something most people don’t think about, but it’s necessary in order for investors to support their families, employees, and contractors and to be able to keep buying properties. 🙂 However, most investors try to keep profits to a reasonable amount in order to pay the most they can for your property.

What Happens After I Accept An Offer & How Long Does It Take To Close?

Step 1

Request An Offer

After you accept our offer, we forward the purchase agreement and all other relevant paperwork to our local title provider, who will then deposit earnest money. Our closing specialist will then contact you to walk you through the closing process and let you know if any more documents are required from the title company. Finally, the title company will obtain a title and lien search, and we’ll schedule an inspection date with you either in person or over video.

Step 2

Conduct Inspections & Address Any Title Or Lean Concerns

This is when we’ll conduct an in-person or video inspection of your home. It’s not unusual for us to request an in-person house inspection to find out what repairs are necessary. Our title company will contact you if there are any title or lien concerns at the same time. This is to ensure that your title is free of issues and that the home may be legally sold.

Step 3

Scheduling The Closing And Getting You Paid!

When you’ve completed all of the above steps, we may schedule closing to ensure that you get paid! You have the choice of closing at the title company or having a mobile notary come by at a convenient time. After everything is completed, your money either goes to your bank account, or a check is sent by the title company. You have the option of requesting how you want to be paid. In most situations, you’ll receive your money the same day you sign documents, although in rare cases, it might take up to a business

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